Heads?  Or tails?Tonight’s color palette sketch, A Gentleman and A Lady no. 80.
My name is Allison and I am a Shock Jockey junkie.More abuse of color palettes, done in a few hours tonight in Manga Studio 5.  Booker and Elizabeth no. 58.
Here’s a commission I finished for the lovely “Mistress of Faff” at Alt:ernative chat.  It’s for her Warcraft fiction project, Player 5.
Hellboy no. 14 for rocketeer-raccoon :))
Jack Flag no. 9 for novacorps!
Hawkeye no. 13 for Jess.
… and another color meme picture that I had started a few days ago.  Finished up!  Val no. 8 for Jay.
Another color meme thingie… Peter Quill no. 3.
I decided that I was unhappy w/ last night’s color palette request of Cap, so here we go again.Cap no. 9 for Hannah.
My Twitter is now ready for head-start on Saturday.
Richard doodle.
Rocket isn’t very good at helping Jack appreciate cosmic stuff.Kind of the opposite, sometimes.Annnd another one for the ‘color me later, maybe.  probably.’ pile.
I think I’ve done enough damage for one night.  Yup.
In space, no one can hear you spill coffee.(Lolwip).